When I announced to my husband I was going to start a blog (something he has been telling me to do for years), the first thing we did was start to brainstorm names. Mostly because that is the fun part and takes the least amount of actual work. 

Since a significant part of my parenting experience involves therapy and medication, I suggested "Medicated Mommy," but sadly this was already taken (ugh). A blog name professing my love for Xanax seemed a bit too cliche.

Then I decided it should be something to do with bedtime and/or the night, because my kids don't nap so I'd be doing all the writing after they were asleep. I suggested "Mommy After Dark" but my husband very correctly pointed out that it sounded like porn (seriously, don't Google that). 

Finally the hubby thought of "Mommy In The Dark," and I immediately knew it was perfect. It works on so many levels:

  • I write at night.
  • I don't have any idea what I'm doing (as a parent OR a blogger). 
  • When I'm pregnant I get depressed, and that feels a lot like having all the light in your life suddenly go out.
  • I constantly battle my anxiety (pregnant or not) and that sometimes takes me to a very dark place in my own mind.
  • Neither of my children sleep, so I spend many hours awake in the middle of the night.
  • My toddler is OBSESSED with the moon, which he pronounces Mr. Mun.

And voila, a blog is born!!!! 

Hopefully this post answers all those burning questions you had about the origin of my blog name. I mean, I've had at LEAST two people ask me about it so I know lots of you were probably wondering.