Even though my oldest is nearly four, I almost always still take our double stroller on outings because I need to have a restraint system on hand to manage both kids. He's getting too big but I'm using this strategy as long as possible so he doesn't get hit by a car or trip some poor elderly person on a walk. It was on one such outing with my husband and both kids that I threatened my child for the first time. 

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Kids can be creepy. Mine are no exception.

We moved to Michigan a few months ago, and after living in a city neighborhood for the last five years we decided to mix things up and bought a house in a more rural area. The big basement, the yard, the attached garage... blah blah blah you know the drill. Needless to say the view out of the car window is much more varied these days and my oldest immediately took notice of the change in scenery. 

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